We Are Hiring: Inspiring Growth Manager

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Do you know how to inspire community members about mobility justice through safety education? Are you an experienced bike/walk safety educator who is ready to strategize with our team? People for Mobility Justice is seeking a new staff member to take the lead on our Inspiring Growth educational work. If you don’t find the details you need below, reach out to us at jobs@mobilityjustice.org.

About People for Mobility Justice

As Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) we seed critical consciousness about mobility justice in all communities. We strive for a world where people have the freedom and resources to move in public spaces with love and dignity. We put our theory of change into practice through activities in three areas: Thriving Communities, Inspiring Growth, and Building Power. These activities are designed both to value our community members as “the roses who grew from concrete” and to authentically support them in urging decision makers to effect meaningful, long-lasting changes.

About Mobility Justice Education

PMJ is a leader in bicycle safety education in Los Angeles for youth, adults, and families. Since its inception as City of Lights/Ciudad de Luces in 2008, our group has set the bar for teaching bike safety courses to the most vulnerable communities in the county, both in English and Spanish. We have served more than 2,000+ low-income cyclists through our bilingual bicycle safety and legal rights workshops and distribution of free bicycle lights, helmets, and safety gear at schools, community centers and transit hubs. In addition to rides held during educational workshops, PMJ also leads themed rides that combine safe riding demonstration with community history. Our rides start with a safety discussion to set the standard for how to ride safely in a group, determine signals for communicating road hazards, and best practices for riding a bicycle in traffic with or without bicycle infrastructure (lanes, sharrows, paths, etc.). In 2018, we began developing the Hood Planners curriculum, which we will use to bridge our community-based safety education approach with our advocacy efforts.

About the Inspiring Growth Manager Position

The Inspiring Growth Manager will coordinate approximately nine active transportation educational activities per month over the course of one year. The ideal candidate will be a master educator and manager who has both administrative experience and a diverse network throughout the entire county of Los Angeles. In our education curriculum design, PMJ ensures that our programs, particularly around bicycle safety, directly address the concerns of our communities. This staff position is responsible for delivering well-scripted courses in a timely manner. The manager will schedule instructors and supervise their work, possibly mentoring newer instructors to ensure that participants learn in a safe environment. Administrative duties include ensuring that each educational activity is properly documented. Because the manager will also be responsible for identifying partners to host the nine educational activities per month, it is key that they be able to draw on their own broad and solid relationships with various community-based organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits throughout L.A. County.

Required Experience  

  • Must be a League of American Bicyclists-certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI)

  • Must have a valid driver's license

  • Must have at least 2 years of experience riding a bicycle in street traffic

  • Must be well-networked with various community leaders, community based organizations, and businesses around Los Angeles County

  • Must have experience managing a team

  • Must have experience teaching in a popular education context

  • Must be able to travel and produce classes throughout the entire county of Los Angeles

Desired Qualities of Lead

PMJ is a alive and growing. This means nothing is static in our organization and we expect our structure to be flexible. For people who are self-driven, organized, imaginative and creative this is a platform to dream big and implement your ideas. Our leadership model rests on accountability to the community, while also honoring funding deadlines and reporting. We strive to create viable work for our community members to stimulate economic well-being. We hope staff will bring the following qualities to the team:

  1. Self-Driven & Accountable - Our leadership model is based on trust and allowing people to grow as needed. There is no manager but the Programs and Policy Organizer‘s role is to support leads and staff in meeting grant deliverables, more importantly maximizing impact to community. Hence, the lead will need to manage their own accountability around programmatic and financial matters that serve vulnerable communities.

  2. Organized - The lead will set and maintain strict deadlines for the team that match schedule availability and timelines to meet our grant requirements. In addition, we expect them to be reasonably timely, in keeping time commitments punctual, but always with the understanding that family is first. The key here is early and transparent communication so that we avoid misunderstandings.  

  3. Creative - There is no blueprint for this work. The lead will need to tap their own and the team’s life experience to shine the light on Leimert Park and its people. This creative approach can be experimental, but always solution-oriented. When an obstacle, challenge, or conflict arises, we seek to solve the issues using methods rooted in our rich cultural traditions.

  4. Imaginative - Dream big, above and beyond this project. How do we keep this project ALIVE beyond the immediate funding scope? PMJ leadership has been designed through the people. Our programs, policies, and philosophies evolve with the people. We are open-hearted to changes that yield increased benefit to our communities.  


This staff position is 20 hours per week at a rate of $30/hour. Benefits of this position include medical insurance only. All positions at PMJ have potential for growth if so imagined and desired, any staff working over 30 hours per week is eligible for full time benefits. We actively stimulate BIPOC wealth by ensuring that staff are justly compensated for all their hours worked to meet our deliverables.


All PMJ roles are up for trading, revisal, shifting, and transforming, according to staff and community needs. Our work is a conversation between staff, board, volunteers/apprentices (Mobility Justice Team members), and our communities. The purpose of this conversational approach is to yield maximum benefit to our communities, which begins with our team’s full health and well-being.

How To Apply

We strongly encourage those with the following identities to apply: Black and local Indigenous people, people with intersecting identities - LGBTQIA+, women and non-binary people, people living with disabilities and others with lived experience being part of marginalized communities. All applicants need to submit a résumé (max 1 page) and cover letter (max 1 page). Any applications longer than the page limit may not be considered.   Following review of applications, we will contact selected applicants for interviews and references. Please submit your applications to jobs@mobilityjustice.org by 5 pm on Friday, February 8, 2019. Interviews will begin immediately, and the position will begin in mid February.

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