Our Partners

PMJ credits the contractors below for elevating our work. We appreciate them and highly recommend their professional services!


Ride On! Bike Shop & Co-Op

Our Work: Ride On! is both a full-service bicycle shop and a member-run bicycle collective. They offer bike safety workshops and advocate for bicycle infrastructure equity in South-West Los Angeles.

Our Partnership: In 2018, PMJ started hosting our Mobility Justice Team meetings at Ride On! and we are looking for more ways to build programming together.


Pueblo Planning

Their Work: Pueblo believes in the importance of involving the entire community in the planning, design, or policy-making process. They partner with community-based organizations to create participatory planning activities.

Our Partnership: Pueblo co-designed the strategic planning process that led to our transition from MCM to PMJ. Pueblo founder Monique G. López contributes to our Mobility Justice Team, and PMJ advisory board co-chair Dr. Adonia E. Lugo is part of Pueblo's consulting team.


Blue Veil Films

Our Work: Blue Veil Films develops and produces content rooted in storytelling to voice narratives at the community level. 

Out Partnership: Blue Veil Films has been a video and media partner with PMJ for over two years, producing content for web and social media.


Chynna Monforte

Their Work: I am a freelance artist and part-time museum staff working with various organizations through workshops, web design, screen printing, and photography. I love to stay involved with my communities through  bike riding, art history, music, and social justice.

Our Partnership: People for Mobility Justice brought me on as part of their Mobility Justice Team efforts in 2018, as well as their design and rebranding contractor.