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"What is Walkability and Mobility Justice?" Podcast Episode

As we’re transitioning to People for Mobility Justice, we often get asked what Mobility Justice means. We’re also continuing to challenge how cities define and design for walkability and bikeability. Maria Sipin, PMJ board member, is a guest on the latest episode of Move Your DNA, and talks about what walkability means in the context of mobility justice for communities of color. Here’s our take on walkability to add to the ways that transportation planners and real estate agents may be defining it. Fast forward to 43:35 on the recording, and check out the transcript.

Our Antioch University Residency!

All spring, we collaborated with the Urban Sustainability MA at Antioch University Los Angeles to design an intensive learning residency for their students. At the end of April, we had a great week teaching and strategizing, culminating with a field trip to a Metro board meeting and a public discussion about mobility justice at Antioch’s Sustainable Supper. The panel featured PMJ’s Adonia Lugo and Río Oxas, plus Mobility Justice Team member Monique López of Pueblo, in dialogue with Hector Ochoa of ADAPT Los Angeles and Mariana Huerta Jones of ACT LA