"What is Walkability and Mobility Justice?" Podcast Episode

As we’re transitioning to People for Mobility Justice, we often get asked what Mobility Justice means. We’re also continuing to challenge how cities define and design for walkability and bikeability. Maria Sipin, PMJ board member, is a guest on the latest episode of Move Your DNA, and talks about what walkability means in the context of mobility justice for communities of color. Here’s our take on walkability to add to the ways that transportation planners and real estate agents may be defining it. Fast forward to 43:35 on the recording, and check out the transcript.

Pedal Pulse Pride Bike Ride!

We were all so honored to ride our bikes in remembrance of our QTIBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ ancestors, elders, and young elders. The day began with a surprise visit from Jewel Thais-Williams, an elder in our community who started Catch One and the Village Health Foundation which are both landmarks and important spaces that were created for our communities particularly for the Black and African-American LGBTQIA+ communities. Our opening talk was lead by our Two-Spirit relatives from Three Arrows Healing Circles who offered our ride blessings and a prayer song.

We then rode our bikes to honor Victoria “Viccky” Ramos Gutierrez, a transgender woman from Honduras that was murdered earlier this year. We were able to learn more about Viccky from Erika from Translatin@ Coalition who spoke of Vickky and the work Translatin@ Coalition is doing to provide support and resources to other Trans people. 

Our ride ended at ONE Archives in USC, home of the oldest and largest LGBTQIA+ archives in the Western Hemisphere. At this time we also remembered our 49 angels from Pulse Orlando and gifted the archives the flags made on behalf of these ancestors. Our day was filled with tears, laughter, joy, unity and solidarity. We plan to make this an annual ride and hope you can make it out next year!

Pedal.Pulse.Pride. Bi-Coastal Bike Ride! Sat. June 2nd @ 10am

Pedal.Pulse.Pride. Bicycle Ride


Join us Saturday, June 2, 2018 as People for Mobility Justice FKA Multicultural Communities for Mobility will be hosting the Los Angeles Pedal.Pulse.Pride Bike Ride in partnership with TransLatin@ Coalition funded by Metro.

P.P.P is a bi-coastal unity bike ride born in D.C. in conjunction with Atlanta, Charlotte, Lansing, and Mendocino honoring the 49 lives lost at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. We will also be honoring Victoria "Viccky" Ramos Gutierrez who we lost on January 10, 2018 due to a hate crime in Pico-Union.

All the rides are led by and centered for QTIBIPOC - Black Indigenous People of Color who identify as Queer, Trans Intersex and LGBTQIA+. We are asking ALL of our loved ones to join us in solidarity!

Please join us Saturday, June 2 2018! Register HERE on our Eventbrite! Please share this ride on your social media feeds!

See you then!

Union Station's Bike Night

Our Mobility Justice members teamed up with Ni Santas Women Art Collective for Bike Night presented by Metro at Union Station! Ni Santas designed a Mobility Justice t-shirt while we collected messaging from people asking them to describe what safety means to them.

See our gallery below!

Congreso Ibérico

Adonia expanded PMJ’s diálogo mundial in València, Spain, where she spoke at the XV Congreso Ibérico “La bicicleta y la ciudad,” the annual joint summit of Spanish and Portuguese bicycle advocates. Alongside Spanish anthropologist Eli Lorenzi, Adonia participated in a workshop to design international standards for what makes a city “bike friendly” and gave her first formal presentation in castellano. Let’s keep talking about mobility justice between our borderlands and the European frontera that is Spain. Reach out to Adonia at adonia@multicultimobility.org for a recording of her talk, “La bici como puente de justicia social: La red ‘Bike Equity Network’ en los Estados Unidos.”

Decarbonizing Transportations: Mobility in Los Angeles

Río joined Romel Pascual, CicLAvia executive director, and Brian Taylor, professor of urban planning at the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies and the Institute of Transportation Studies at UCLA, to discuss how to create decarbonized urban pathways and infrastructure that enhance access for pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, and mass transit riders alike at The Hammer Museum. The panel was moderated by Jay Kim, Assistant General Manager of Mobility Management, Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Play the recording HERE!

ACT LA's #PeoplesTransit Town Hall

Erick Huerta, Mobility Justice Team member, participated in a panel at ACT LA’s Transit Oriented Development #PeoplesTransit Town Hall with community members, transit users, and Metro representatives where they discussed how we can ensure transit investments support community development, anti-displacement strategies, quality employment, and more for low-income communities of color. PMJ participates in coalitions such as ACT LA to share recommendations that prioritize the needs of our communities for housing security, transit access, and local jobs.

Our Antioch University Residency!

All spring, we collaborated with the Urban Sustainability MA at Antioch University Los Angeles to design an intensive learning residency for their students. At the end of April, we had a great week teaching and strategizing, culminating with a field trip to a Metro board meeting and a public discussion about mobility justice at Antioch’s Sustainable Supper. The panel featured PMJ’s Adonia Lugo and Río Oxas, plus Mobility Justice Team member Monique López of Pueblo, in dialogue with Hector Ochoa of ADAPT Los Angeles and Mariana Huerta Jones of ACT LA

Santa Ana THRIVE Conference on April 20th, 2018

Adonia Lugo, co-board chair,  and Maryann Aguirre, Communications and Program Analyst,  participated in a panel at the 1st ever Santa Ana Thrive Conference, “Shaping Common Space through Community-driven Planning in Active Transportation and Transit-oriented Development” Panel and Spoke on PMJ’s (formerly MCM’s) mission, vision, principles  and how our work centers BIPOC communities.

Students of Color and Allies Policy Forum: Reclaiming our Roots

Anisha Hingorani, PMJ board member, moderated the opening panel that brought planners, practitioners, and academics in conversation on spatial justice in Los Angeles and community-led creative resistance. Río Oxas, PMJ Policy & Programs Organizer, hosted a workshop “Queer Places in Urban Spaces” where they discussed urban planning and design considering the intersections of race, class, and sexuality and understanding the uneven experiences of queer communities in gentrifying urban spaces. Río provided examples of ways cities can develop policies to advance equity for queer communities of color and creative methods to advocate for socio-spatial justice for minority groups. Check out some recap tweets and photos here!